Sensory Play

at Brookhill Children's Centre 

Sensory Play Sessions based on the colours of

Elmer the Elephant

Each week we will explore a different colour through textures, smells and taste. 















All abilities welcome - children with SEND aged up to 5 years can join whichever class suits them best. 


Sensory Play for ages 0 to crawling.


Sensory Play for ages 10 months to 3 years.

Friday 28th Feb 2020 - RED

Friday 6th March 2020 - GREEN

Friday 13th March 2020 - BLUE

Friday 20th March 2020 - CANCELLED

Friday 27th March 2020 - CANCELLED

Friday 3rd April 2020 - CANCELLED


Notes and Information:

Sessions have the same content for each age group.

Each we will use the same core materials, including spaghetti, oobleck and jelly, with the addition of a few new materials to explore alongside these.


 Using similar items each week with slight changes helps children slowly become accustomed to touching and exploring new textures and items that perhaps they may not have been comfortable to explore previously. Repetition of activities each week is an important way for the children to feel of ease during the sessions.


The children will then know that when they come to this space, these will be the activities/options available - in the hope that children who, for example, may not have enjoyed touching frozen jelly in week 1, will enjoy the feeling of frozen jelly in weeks 5 or 6!

Children with any allergies must make the practitioner aware before the session. All items are taste-safe but it is not recommended they be eaten in large quantities. Babies and children must be supervised at all times.

Sessions are free-flowing.

Timings run at around 50 mins but are not strict.

There are limited on the door tickets for individual sessions (£5)

Check our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to see how many spaces are available each week.

If you require any more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via our contact form here or via email at

Brookhill Children's Centre

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